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The State of Foster Care in Oregon

May is National Foster Care Month, a time that is set aside to acknowledge and appreciate those who have made a difference in the lives of foster children. Because of foster parents, family members, mentors, child welfare professionals, and many others, foster children are able to live in stable and caring family settings while their biological parents work to create safe and loving homes for their children. RISE Services, Inc. Oregon would also like to take this time to share some startling statistics about the state of foster care in Oregon. If you are willing to open your home and your heart, you can make an impact on the life of a child and their family.

The State of Foster Care in Oregon

Foster Care Facts & Statistics

Below are a few fast facts provided by the Oregon Department of Human Services and RISE Services, Inc. Oregon that offer a clear view of foster care services and treatment for Oregon families.

  • Over 6,000 Oregon youth are currently in foster care.
  • Each month, more than 20 Oregon youths must sleep in hotels due to a lack of open beds.
  • RISE Services, Inc. Oregon Host Homes were forced to turn away over 125 children in need of placement due to a lack of beds in 2021 and 2022.
  • Nearly 10% of youth with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) diagnosis are in out-of-home placements.
  • More than 1,200 youth received independent living program services in 2021.
  • Of all children who left foster care in 2021, 54% were reunited with their families.

Reasons Children Enter Foster Care 

Children from birth through 21 years are placed in Oregon foster homes each year. Families affected by foster care have various ethnic/racial backgrounds, culturally diverse families, and different family settings. As you can see, the need for foster care is great and is not specific to any particular type of family. 

The most common reason children enter foster care involves the actions of the parents, not the children. In 2021, children were placed in foster homes for up to four, sometimes more, reasons, and the top five include:

  • Neglect 
  • Parental drug abuse
  • Inadequate housing
  • Domestic violence
  • Physical abuse

Other factors that resulted in children being removed from their homes included abandonment, parental alcohol abuse, incarceration of a parent, and children’s behavior.

How RISE Improves the Lives of Foster Children & Adults

You may be surprised by the data above, and more significantly, the reasons behind the importance of compassionate and caring foster host homes. Many agencies, including RISE Services, Inc. Oregon, are doing their part to assist families when they find themselves facing insurmountable life circumstances. We focus on providing these services that improve the lives of foster children and adults living with IDDs, and support the health and safety of families in Oregon:

  • Professional behavior services: Positive behavior supports that include evidence-based practices and person-centered strategies.
  • Residential services: 24-hour care for individuals with IDDs in a residential setting.
  • Supported living programs: In-home support that is personalized to the individual and may include budgeting assistance, meal planning, medication management, and similar needs.
  • Host Homes: Safe and caring foster homes for children and adults with IDDs.

Ask About Our Host Homes Today

If you are willing to help a family in need and make a positive difference in the life of a foster child, contact RISE Oregon today to learn more about our Host Homes program. We provide a wide range of supports for each host home and foster child such as overnight relief care, weekly skills training, and positive behavior supports.

Source: “2021 Child Welfare Data Book.” Web document. Oregon Department of Human Services. 01 Sep. 2022. Web. 10 May. 2023.