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At RISE Services, Inc., we believe that all adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities should be given the opportunity to choose where they live and how they receive support from caring and trained providers. Adults in our Supported Living program live in their own homes and receive uniquely developed services that encompass the individual’s life goals and support needs.

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What Supported Living Is & How It Helps

Supported Living Services For Adults with Developmental Disabilities Oregon

Supported Living is specifically designed to allow an individual to continue living in their own home. Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) provide ongoing support for these individuals, helping them make their own choices and live with independence.

This service model focuses on supporting the health and safety of each individual, while also providing resources and guidance for all aspects of independent living. We provide assistance with a number of daily living tasks while encouraging autonomy in everyday skills.

At RISE, we understand the unique needs of each individual and create plans based on their preferences and needs. Our DSPs provide a wide range of personalized support based on these individual needs that may include:

  • Assistance with money management and financial budgeting
  • Help with paying bills
  • Grocery shopping/accessing community food programs
  • Meal planning and cooking skills
  • Participating in community activities and events
  • Transportation assistance
  • Scheduling medical appointments
  • Assisting with medication management
  • Personal hygiene assistance
  • Assistance with house cleaning
  • Making plans to meet personal goals and dreams
  • 24/7 crisis assistance and support

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