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At RISE Services, Inc., we specialize in providing staffing solutions to state, city, and county offices by working with individuals experiencing a wide range of disabilities including mental health. We provide workforce support to our customers and diverse job offerings to the individuals we serve.

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We Create Opportunities through Staffing Solutions

We specialize in a wide variety of positions:

  • Accounting Technicians
  • Administrative Specialists
  • Data Entry Operators
  • Executive Assistants
  • General Laborers
  • Human Resources Support
  • Information Service Specialists
  • Mail Service Assistants
  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Office Assistants
  • Office Specialists
  • Operations and Policy Analysts


  • Contact RISE with your specifications.
  • Determine classification and timeline.
  • Meet with prescreened candidates.
  • Select candidate of best fit.
  • Staff successfully in place.

RISE recruits on different Job Boards such as Indeed. Check out our open positions on Indeed and apply. Here is a quick look at our recruiting process.

  • Apply for desired positions.
  • Complete the onboarding process.
  • Meet with prospective supervisors.
  • Start your new assignment.
  • Keep in touch for more opportunities.

At RISE, we believe that everyone is employable and can live full, productive lives. With our amazing team of professionals, we help adults with disabilities, both physical and mental, find and sustain meaningful employment throughout the state of Oregon. The benefits of our staffing services include:

  • Employment for individuals that fit their skills, preferences, and schedules.
  • Participation in integrated employment in the general community.
  • Training, support, and advocacy during the entirety of their employment.
  • Screened clients are prepared for the job for which they are employed.
  • Part-or full-time availability based on employer’s needs.
  • Diverse and healthy work environment for both our clients and their employers.
  • An 88% retention rate where clients work hard, stay at their jobs, and experience independent, fulfilling work lives.
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