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For children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who cannot live at home, the next best place for them to live is with a loving, caring family in an alternative home setting. The foster homes at RISE Services, Inc., known as Host Homes, offer a safe family setting for these children.

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In order for the Host Home family members and the children placed under their care to thrive in this alternative family setting, RISE surrounds the new family unit with several additional supports, such as:

  • Monthly home visitations
  • Case coordination
  • Behavior support
  • Overnight relief care
  • Weekly skills training

Our Transition Process

At RISE, we believe in planned transitions from one home to another, placing children in new home settings that are a strong match based on criteria like activity level, culture, religion, and location. We also strongly support home visits and building on relationships with a child’s biological family, which will ultimately lead to reunification whenever possible.

Our host home supports don’t end when the child leaves their host home and returns to their biological family. Often these supports can be transitioned to the child and their family when their time at the host home has ended. You can impact a child’s life by using your heart, home, and skills to make a difference. Contact us today.



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Host Homes through RISE are licensed by the state of Oregon to provide a home to children with an intellectual or developmental disability from birth to 18 years of age. We actively recruit, train, and provide ongoing support to in-residence caregivers, helping them through the process of becoming licensed as a Host Home.

Our main goal is to make the licensing process as simple as possible and provide the tools needed to successfully operate a Host Home. Below is the roadmap to becoming a licensed Host Home provider.

The minimum requirements to becoming a Host Home include:

  • Being 21 years of age or older.
  • All adults in the home must have the ability to pass a background check.
  • Own or rent adequate housing.
  • Adequate space for a child in your home (private bedroom).
  • Adequate income to be financially stable.
  • Reliable transportation.
  • Good physical and mental health.
  • Ability to work as a team with RISE, the child’s family, and other service providers.

RISE proudly licenses single and two-parent households, and we never discriminate against an applicant’s race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

We offer guidance through the entire licensing process of becoming a Host Home with both RISE and the state of Oregon. Many people who apply to become a Host Home provider have thought about it for a long time and are eager to complete the process and have a child placed in their home. The process typically takes three to six months to complete, and RISE provides the support needed throughout the licensing process.

  • Complete the initial application.
  • Attend a one-hour online orientation.
  • Schedule a “qualifying home visit” with our Host Home Recruiter.
  • Attend our 12-session evidence-based training known as Pressley Ridge.
  • Complete additional online preservice training (estimated 25 hours).
  • Attend our two-day Oregon Intervention Systems (OIS) training.
  • Attend our half-day CPR/First Aid training.
  • Complete and submit all required documentation.

RISE believes that finding the best match between Host Home families and the foster child is essential to successful placements. We conduct screenings of children in need of a home through a thoughtful, collaborative process with our Host Home families. Once a good match has been identified, the following supports are included:

  • Weekly support provided by our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs).
  • Professional behavior services.
  • Respite opportunities.
  • 24/7 on-call and emergency support.
  • Monthly in-home support from a coordinator.
  • On-going training.

Per Senate Bill 710 requirements, quarterly reports that summarize data on the use of safeguarding interventions are submitted and maintained by RISE. These reports are available upon request by emailing Krista Smith at or by calling our main office at 503-371-3001. Report data can also be accessed via the Office of Developmental Disability Services website.

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