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Why DSPs Are Vital to Our Organization

The work of a Direct Support Professional (DSP) can be challenging, difficult, and exhausting. Yet, the DSPs at RISE Services, Inc. Oregon continue to provide services to children and adults with developmental disabilities with compassion, understanding, and patience. There’s no way we could serve individuals successfully without our amazing DSPs. Keep reading to learn why our DSPs are vital to our organization and the individuals we serve.

Why DSPs Are Vital to Our Organization

They Help Adults Find Meaningful Jobs

It can be tough for an adult living with a developmental or intellectual disability to find and maintain meaningful employment. Our remarkable team works with participants to not only assist them through the entire job process, but to also offer training, support, and advocacy while they are employed. The work they perform is more than about helping individuals find a job. Our DSPs do their best to provide a diverse and healthy work environment for both our clients and their employers.

They Support the Health & Safety of Individuals

At RISE Services, Inc. Oregon, we support the health and safety of children, adults, and their families with our in-home care services. Our DSPs offer one-on-one support through mentorship, advocacy, behavioral health services, and more, while at the same time teaching them independence and autonomy. The goal is always to move them closer to personal freedom and self-sufficiency while supporting them along the way.

They Assist With Daily Living Skills

In addition to supporting their health and safety, DSPs also assist adults with developmental disabilities with everyday living skills. These specific services allow adults to live in their own homes with minimal supervision, giving them the confidence and self-reliance they need. Each service plan is tailored to the unique needs of our clients and may include tasks like these and others:

  • Help with money management
  • Assistance with grocery shopping and cooking
  • Aiding their participation in community events
  • Support of personal goals and dreams
  • Management of medications

Fostering Growth & Opportunities

As you can see, Direct Support Professionals do more than provide daily services and support. They are continually fostering personal growth and learning opportunities that will give the people we support the sense of accomplishment and self-respect they desire. Join our incredible team of DSPs today! Contact us to learn more or visit our careers page.