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Resume Tips to Follow When Applying for a DSP Role with RISE

Have you recently graduated high school and are looking for a fulfilling career? Are you interested in changing career paths and wish to pursue employment that has a positive impact? At RISE Services, Inc. Oregon, we’d like to invite you to consider a career with us. We are always looking for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) committed to working within a community who want to positively influence those around them. When you apply for a DSP role with RISE Servics, Inc., we encourage you to follow the resume tips below.  

Resume Tips to Follow When Applying for a DSP Role with RISE

1. Feature Your DSP Skills

A resume is a great place to feature the various skills you have learned or gained throughout your professional or educational career. There are many skills that can transfer from one job to the next, even if the two jobs are in vastly different fields. Many positions require soft skills such as managing your time well, working as a team player, communicating well with others, and being willing to solve problems. Then there are job-specific skills like project management, financial analysis, computer skills, and technical abilities. Our DSPs use a variety of skills as they serve the many participants in our service programs. 

2. Share Your Personal Characteristics

As a DSP, you’ll work alongside colleagues and serve individuals with developmental disabilities or special needs. We welcome employees of all personality types, but we’d like to know about your specific personal characteristics. Maybe you tend to be sensitive and empathetic towards others. Perhaps you’re an enthusiastic team player who enjoys working with people. Are you flexible and find it easy to go with the flow if plans change, or do you work best when you have a schedule or routine to follow? We want to discover more about who our potential employees are and the type of role they would best fit.

3. Show Your Commitment

Our mission at RISE Services, Inc. Oregon is to create opportunities for and with people through the services we provide. That may look like assisting individuals who live in one of our residential homes with daily tasks such as cooking light meals, hygiene, and mobility. Sometimes it may be arranging transportation or offering crisis assistance and support for one of our participants. Whatever task you are completing, we look for employees who remain committed to the community they’re serving, including fellow RISE Services, Inc. employees with whom they are working.

Apply to Work at RISE Today

Pursue a career that can have a lasting impact by applying for a DSP role with RISE. Discover the various available positions by visiting our Careers page. You can also take advantage of our Walk-In Wednesdays and interview for a position anytime on those days. For any questions, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.