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4 Ways We Assist Individuals With Autism

At RISE Services Inc. of Oregon, we believe in providing growth opportunities for children, adults, and their families. In honor of National Autism Awareness Month, we’d like to share a few of the different ways we support individuals with autism and their families. Our caring direct support professionals have years of experience helping individuals with autism find valuable employment, build autonomy, and live on their own.

4 Ways We Assist Individuals With Autism

1. Employment Services

We are dedicated to helping everyone live full, productive lives, and part of that is helping them find meaningful employment. With our staffing solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to helping adults with autism gain employment in their local area. Not only will we assist them in finding a position that fits their skills and schedule, but we’ll also provide training and support throughout the entire time they’re employed.

2. In-Home Care

For children and adults with autism, we offer in-home care and support for them and their families based on their unique needs. Our goal is to help them achieve independence through attendant care and respite services. We use a person-centered approach to reinforce positive changes in areas such as life skills, cooking, cleaning, medication assistance, and transportation.

3. Residential Services

Many individuals would like to live on their own but need extra support in order to do so. Our residential group homes offer them the opportunity to live on their own with other individuals who have similar challenges. Each person has their own private room within this group setting and also receives around-the-clock care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

4. Supported Living Care

With our Supported Living program, individuals with autism are able to live in their own homes and receive support developed uniquely for their specific goals. Again, this is about helping them gain their own independence. Our direct support professionals assist them with daily living skills such as money management, meal planning and cooking, appointment scheduling, hygiene assistance, and many more.

Supporting Individuals With Autism Since 1987

The team at RISE Services, Inc. – Oregon is proud to provide these services and more for children, adults, and their families. Our highly-trained team members are committed to providing person-centered support for individuals with mental and physical disabilities as well as offering support for their families. By partnering with individuals and their families, we are able to support the entire person – their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. Learn more about who we are or how you can help by contacting us today.