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3 FAQs About Our Host Homes

In honor of Foster Care Appreciation Month, RISE Services, Inc. Oregon would like to thank all of our Host Home families for providing a caring and supportive home for children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities. If you’re thinking about opening your home to a youth in need, you probably have many questions. We’ve addressed three of our most common questions regarding host homes below. Read through them and if you have any further questions, contact us today.

3 FAQs About Our Host Homes

1. What Is a Host Home?

When children and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities cannot live in their homes with their biological parents, RISE Services, Inc. provides what we call host homes. These host homes, also known as foster homes, provide a loving, caring environment for teenagers to live, grow, and be cared for by our host home parents. There is a licensing process that must be completed in order to become a host home. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible, providing the tools and training needed to operate as a foster home.  

2. What Support Do You Offer Host Families & Foster Youths?

Our support doesn’t end once a youth is placed in the host home. In order to help both the teenager and the family thrive, we offer a wide array of additional support provided by our Direct Support Professionals. These include weekly skills training, professional behavior services, respite opportunities, ongoing training, 24/7 emergency support, and many more.

3. What Happens When the Foster Child Returns to Their Biological Parents?

The goal of our host homes program is to offer a safe place for the youth to live while their biological parents are receiving the help and support they need. Once reunification has been approved, the teen will return to live with their parents. Many of the same supports we offered our host home families can be transitioned to the youth and their biological families. 

Host Homes Needed in Oregon

While we have some amazing host home families providing compassionate and caring homes for youth in the state of Oregon, the need still remains for more host homes. We would very much like to talk with you about how you can impact a child’s or teenager’s life by using your heart and your home to make a difference. Contact your local RISE Oregon office today to learn more.