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RISE Services, Inc. Oregon provides a wide array of services for individuals living with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and today, we’d like to highlight our day services programs. Whether you or a loved one need assistance in your home, would like help finding a job, or could benefit from our community services, our team is here to support you. Learn more about our day service programs and three of their benefits.

3 Benefits of Our Day Service Programs

1. In-Home Support

For adults who live on their own but require daily support, RISE Services, Inc. Oregon provides daily supported living services. These particular day services help adults living with developmental or intellectual disabilities make their own personal choices and live with independence. Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) offer assistance in several areas, with the goal of empowering adults to complete daily tasks with as much autonomy as they can. 

A few of our in-home support services include helping with:

  • paying bills.
  • house cleaning.
  • scheduling appointments.

2. Employment Services

Another benefit of our day services is the employment solutions we offer for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. We believe that everyone is employable and should have the opportunity to find meaningful employment. Our amazing support team provides several job services that will assist individuals in applying for positions, completing applications, learning their job duties, and working in healthy environments. 

Our employment services are delivered by our highly trained DSPs and include:

  • integrated employment within the community.
  • resume assistance and practice interviews.
  • on-the-job training while employed.

3. Community Involvement

One of the things we are truly proud of is how we integrate community involvement into our day programs. We believe it’s important for the adults we serve to become involved in their local communities and neighborhoods. As we provide employment assistance, behavioral support, and help with daily living tasks, the adults we work with can see how a community comes together to provide a safe and engaging neighborhood for its residents. Individuals living with disabilities can experience what it’s like to be involved in their neighborhood and community members can appreciate that every resident is important and has value. 

Serving Oregon with Day Service Programs

Since 1997, RISE has been providing person-centered support through our day services, residential services, Host Homes, and Positive Behavioral Support services to individuals and families across the state of Oregon. Learn more about our day services by contacting us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.